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We are passionate about getting it right.

From invitation emails to overlays to link-checking and data handling… wherever you need language support, we go above and beyond to design bespoke solutions that are as unique as your project.

Our team is trained to expert status, with the know-how to empower you to maintain consistency across markets, optimise data usability and ensure the accuracy of your insights.

Our reputation comes from working with qualified, in-country speakers who pass our stringent recruitment process. Using their on-the-ground knowledge, they then follow our unique, 5-step verification process.

Our market research translation services…

empower you to adapt for linguistic nuances, in-country legalities, cultural sensitives and socio-political ‘faux pas’.

Our market research translation services…

navigate specialist programming for different devices, screen displays, technologies and international keyboards.

Our market research translation services…

empower you to truly connect with your global participants and understand not just what’s in their heads, but also in their hearts.

Your audience, our services.

Discover our approach, tailored to your research sector.

Business Intelligence Localisation

When translating data into insight, Business Intelligence Engineers know the importance of clean and consistent data.

That’s why our working processes are mirrored with yours. We use translation data management systems that cover every aspect of the localisation process, giving you more time to help your client identify global business opportunities.

At the heart of your research are participants that need to be looked after. From employees to C-suite professionals to potential investors, our in-country specialists adapt tone and language for maximum engagement and suitability.


Get in touch with John, your B2B translations contact.

Healthcare & MedPharma Research Localisation

Precision and sensitivity are of utmost importance in the language used in Healthcare and MedPharma research, from payer surveys and product-testing to in-depth HCP interviews and patient diaries.

Our specialist team ensure up-to-date, pin-point accuracy across all your markets by working closely with a hand-picked pool of in-country HCP’s, Medical experts and Pharmaceutical translators.

You can enjoy complete confidence in our unique, 5-step verification process that includes proofreading and back-translation.


Get in touch with Jo, your Healthcare & MedPharma translations contact.

Consumer Research Localisation

When working with consumers across multiple markets and methodologies, excellent language is vital to the quality of your brand insights. 

Our team is trained to leverage every aspect of the translation process to retain maximum consistency across diverse markets, while our native, in-country speakers adapt studies to cultural nuances.

A good translation doesn’t feel like a translation – it speaks to its audience and keeps them fully-engaged, so that you can breathe easy about participation, skew and acquiescence bias.


Get in touch with Becky, your B2C translations contact.

Public Sector Localisation

Research in the public sector requires a particularly heightened sensitivity to the participant and a developed understanding of desired outcomes.

Whether you’re tapping into the pulse of current thinking for local multicultural communities, or developing a global tracker for international government bench-marking, our expert team supports you at every stage of the localisation process.

We work hard to help you maximise engagement and optimise benchmarking through cultural intelligence and agile translations.


Get in touch with Becky, your Public Sector translations contact.

“EMPOWER has been our go-to Agency for the past 3 years. Their expertise, attention to detail, communication, turnaround times and genuine knowledge of the MR industry is second to none.”

Liz Hayhurst, Operations Director, Coleman Parkes

“EMPOWER has been our partner of choice for some time now. They always offer technical expertise and advice, adding cultural context and terminology. The team always go the extra mile to ensure that we can meet our deadlines and avoid potentially costly mistakes.”

Vanesa Scavino, Project Manager, B2B International

“The EMPOWER team are amazing, highly responsive and accommodating, especially for last-minute requests. We have complete confidence and appreciate them sticking with us through everything!”

Ester Tears, Project Manager, Hall and Partners

Audio Services

Transcription, translation, time-stamping and subtitling of audio and video materials.

Coding Services

EMPBAC™: Specialist Brand Auto-Coding service. Codeframe creation and development, longitudinal and tracker brand, one-word or full OE coding.

Need something specific?

We’ve broken it down for you – discover our solutions by language service type here.

OE Handling Services

Verbatim response translations, by humans or machine, or an effective combination of the two.

Translation Services

Translation using our unique 360° quality control approach by a bespoke team of in-country sector-trained native speakers with full independent checks and internal MR-expert finalisation process.

Editing, Overlay & Link Testing Services

Application of client review, insertion of approved survey translations into programmed overlay files (upload ready) and live testing in situ.

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